Every ten years, this flower ‘World’s Fair’ outstrips the Netherlands’ Tulip Season.

You haven’t heard of Floriade if you thought Tulip Time in the Netherlands was the pinnacle garden tourism experience.

Horticulture is known for being the most ‘colorful’ business in the Netherlands. The nation sells half of the world’s largest ‘floriculture’ commodities and nearly three-quarters of the world’s floral bulbs. It is the largest conservatory gardener in the world, exporting cut flowers, ornamental plants, and perhaps even forests.

An early spring – ‘Tulip Time’ – visit to Keukenhof, the world’s biggest spring floral gardens, containing 7 million spring bulbs, including over a thousand types of tulips alone, is one of the most stunning Dutch travel experiences. But, as wonderful as the experience is for visitors, it is also a working outdoors business expo showcasing the greatest and newest bulb kinds for buyers from all over the world.

Floriade occurs only once every ten years.

The next one dubbed the “World’s Fair of Horticulture,” will take place in 2022, just enough for travel-hungry folks to make sure their post-pandemic trip plans include the chance to acquire the once accumulation of memorable experiences.

Theme of 2022

In 2022, the topic will be ‘Growing Green Cities,’ with participants from the Netherlands and throughout the world showcasing green solutions as well as succeeding technologies and inventions for pleasurable, liveable, and economic urban centers.

Floriade provides 40 fascinating country displays, as well as a magnificent greenhouses complex, a cable car over the Floriade park, pavilions with sustainable technologies, and bustling arts and cultural program, as the name ‘World’s Fair of Horticulture’ suggests. A 35-meter high, 850-meter long cable car affords an amazing view of what would appear to be the Garden of Eden below, while an electrical scale-model train transports tourists throughout the massive complex.

Exciting exclusives include

A trip to Floriade features culinary creations, conventions, and rituals, as well as the junction of horticultural and art, such as the ‘living artwork’ project ‘Bob Woodland,’ which consists of a group of people bobbing around in trees.  20 reprocessed North Atlantic sea lighthouses cultivated with Dutch Oak trees as those who ‘bob’ in the ocean and it can be viewed from the cable car or an adventure boat exiting from a riverfront rooftop.

Arts and creativity

Floriade Expo 2022 will feature art as well as a diverse cultural program. Displays, live music ranging from traditional to jazz, sustainability, and orchestral performances are all available.

Floriade Guidelines

It pays to be a part of an accompanied company with assured entrance and no need to queue with those awaiting tickets, as it does for many other ticketed events.

Floriade and the Netherlands’ spectacular spring flower garden Keukenhof are both launched from Amsterdam.

It’s also a hub for land, sea, and river travel, so individuals of all travel modes can experience Florida’s spectacular beauty and innovative invention.

Tickets for the World Expo Floriade 2022 are currently available.

A limited number of tourists per day is allowed at World Expo Floriade 2022. If you wish to go to the Expo on a specific day, make sure you get your tickets ahead of time. You may see the daily availability and order your tickets right now by clicking on the links below. Tickets can be ordered up to 6 months before the event.

Countries that are taking part

You may visit more than 40 country pavilions at the Expo, where nations display their culture, plants, flora, and green public city initiatives.

Shopping and eating establishments

Every guest will have plenty of opportunities to grab food or drink. Local products, healthy snacks, and meals will be available from a variety of eateries, food trucks, and trials.

Cable Car

  • A journey into the future

Travel rapidly between the south and north parts of the Floriade park by boarding the 850-meter-long cable car. You’ll get a spectacular view of the Floriade grounds from a height of 35 meters, and you’ll get to experience the great potential of metropolitan cable cars as a sustainable model of transportation along the way.

  • From above, take a look at Floriade.

The cable car ride lasts roughly 5 minutes and takes you over the A6 and the Floriade grounds. In a nutshell, there’s a lot to see on the journey. A single cable car trip is included in your Floriade admission ticket. The cable vehicle was built by the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group and Arcadis, a consulting and engineering company.

  • Environmentally friendly mobility

Floriade exhibits numerous green mobility alternatives at the World Horticultural Expo, including the cable car. Because it is a sustainable model of transportation with minimal consumption of electricity and good infrastructure effectiveness, the cable car fits very well with the topic of ‘Growing Green Cities.’ It takes up very little space, as it only has two stations and seven masts. After the Expo, the cable vehicle will be reused at a different location around the world.

  • Ease of access

The Floriade’s cable car route travels diagonally over the gardens. Both terminals will be on the ground floor and accessible by foot or bicycle. In contrast, everybody, particularly scoot mobiles and wheelchairs, can ride the cable car.

What will I be able to study during Floriade 2022?

Floriade 2022 will focus on envisioning sustainable, healthy city living in the future. The plants on display were handpicked for their unique traits and potential contributions to a green city environment in terms of biodiversity, air purification, food production, and a city climate management.

Inspiring landscapes, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions will be interspersed with eye-catching sights and delectable sampling sessions, all set amid lush greenery. It’s a gardener’s paradise!

Floriade 2022 will serve as a “living laboratory” for experimenting with and discovering new eco-technologies ranging from food and health to green energy and design. The entire site will be a fun interactive experience that will allow you to see, smell, and feel the potential of urban sustainability everywhere.


Floriade is a massive world horticulture display and the nation’s main, most stunning gardening show, held every ten years in the Netherlands, the vibrant flower-trading center of Europe.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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